Welcome Saint Anselm Class of 2024!

Work is now being completed on the 2024 Anselmian Yearbook, the yearbook department has made arrangements to have Tim McGrath Photography on campus for a final senior portrait session, beginning Monday, March 18th.

There is No Charge for your portrait session!

This Is Your Last Chance To Appear In Your Senior Yearbook! 

Each senior photographed will have the opportunity to view a collection of poses, select a pose for the yearbook and order Senior Portraits at special rates for family and friends. Bonus: we will create headshot poses for professional profiles and provide a Cap & Gown for grad poses as well!

Our Photographer will be set up in Alumni-Room 115-(Fine Arts Basement Of Alumni) for portrait sessions. 
We suggest Business attire for your session

Please schedule your appointment below - IMPORTANT - all fields must be completed in full in order to receive notice when your portraits are ready to be viewed. Be sure your name is entered exactly the way it should appear in the Anselmian Yearbook.

Bonus: For each 2024 senior photographed a tree will be planted in the name of The Saint Anselm Class of 2024 by the non profit group Plant-it 2020!

Let's Celebrate Your Success! 

Do Not Miss The Chance To Appear In The 

2024 Anselmian Yearbook!