The Yearbook Portrait

The yearbook portrait is a classic and everyone knows the pose. If we take a look at our parent's yearbook we will find the same look. We will respect this tradition with the exciting additions of contemporary lighting and careful selection of backgrounds. With Tim McGrath Photography, seniors will have the chance to preview their clothing color choice with our background before the session. The Tim McGrath yearbook portrait is crafted with great care, our goal is to show everyone's best side! 

But how do we motivate college seniors to take the time from their busy schedules to have their portrait taken? The first thing we need is the right mindset. We are not taking portraits in the same generation as our parents so we need to use the tools of today. Below we have listed the challenges and our solutions that will help your yearbook increase senior portrait participation.


How do we advertise to seniors and parents? Does our website effectively address questions about the process?

  • We are a 100% online info based company, (please check out our Environment page) we will conduct compelling  email advertising campaigns filled with essential information and great photography.
  • Our website will contain extensive FAQ pages - customized for your yearbook, every step of the way seniors and parents will know what to expect - with 30 years experience, we know the questions seniors and parents want the answers to!​

Scheduling my appointment ? Which background will be used? What should I wear? 

  • Our online schedule system will guide seniors through signing up step by step, we will offer appointments for everyone's schedule, mornings, evening and weekends. We will remind them with emails, text messages and voicemails.
  • Our website will show the exact background for the session (this choice is made by the yearbook team). 
  • Grooming and dress guidelines will be explained. In addition, a roll-over color chart where seniors will see how clothing colors and tones look against our backgrounds - This is HUGE!

My parents want me in the yearbook.. but I really don't care.. The poses are static and boring!

  • Our sessions will consist of three offerings: the yearbook portrait, grad cap & gown poses and our new HEADSHOTS. These are dynamic, relaxed and really cool pics, seniors will love them! Not for the yearbook, but great for social media and resumes.